2018/19 parcel statistics

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For Fiscal Year 2018/19, Berkeley had 29,055 parcels in the Alameda County Assessor's Tax Roll.

Parcels are classified by Land Use Code, which in simple terms identifies parcels as residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, rural, or exempt. You can see all Land Use Codes here.

Property Types

Here is a breakdown of all parcels by land use, and their relative share of Total Net Assessed Value:

2018-19 Parcels by Use Code and NAV.png

Note that Net Assessed Value (NAV) determines the amount of Ad Valorem property taxes.

The relative percentages in these two charts do not line up exactly. Exempt parcels (about 2% of total) do not get taxed, so they have no NAV. Commercial properties (4.3% of all parcels) are about 8% of total NAV, largely because they have a much higher valuation than residential properties. Industrial properties are similar.

Residential Properties (All Types)

Residential parcels are further broken down into three Land Use types: Single Family Residential, Multifamily Residential of 2-4 units, and Multifamily Residential of 5 or more units.

Here is the same breakdown for residential parcels only.

2018-19 Residential Parcels by Use Code and NAV.png

Again, we see that because multi-unit parcels have a higher valuation, they have a bigger share than their relative numbers.