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Video of the Tide Tubes Project and Opening Ceremony, November 2020

Central Tide Tubes Sediment Removal Updates 10-7-2020 [PDF]

Central Tide Tubes Sediment Removal Updates 12-5-2019 [PDF]


Berkeley Commons Proposed Developement [PDF]

Aquatic Park Long Term and Short Term Issues

Aluminum replacement weir for Strawberry Creek culvert
Missing timber from Strawberry Creek culvert

McGrath Synopsis

Aquatic Park from Strawberry Creek culvert

State Standards

City of Berkeley

Test Results

Current Contractors

New contracts approved on 11/12/19 at City Council Mtg (To be completed)


Tide tubes from the Bay side at low tide 10/28/19

Previous Studies & Issues

Berkeley Planet Coverage of 2007 Dredging (and other) Issues

Lagoon-side Tide Tubes

2020 News Cycle

2019 News Cycle


Berkeleyside Aquatic Park Archives

Complaints and Data Requests

Public Records Act

November 2019 PRA

On September 23rd, Toni Mester submitted a PRA to the Berkeley City Manager. The full response is available at the following link.

The full response is 1764 pages. For easier access, you can find it broken into 5 documents below.

Aquatic Park PRA pp 1-150

Aquatic Park PRA 151-320

Aquatic Park PRA pp 1154-1190

Aquatic Park PRA pp 1371-1451

Aquatic Park PRA pp 1451-1746

Permitting Agencies

Caltrans Culvert Program

Funding Options

Measure T1

Measure AA

Modeling Resources


Other Similar Water Features of SF Bay

Photo gallery