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Berkeley's budget cycle is biannual (current 2020-2021), with an associated 2020/2021 capital improvement planning cycle

Berkeley is not alone...

Brookings wrote this report

The League of California Cities has a guide on how cities can better interact with the public.

The California Local Government Financial Almanac is interesting.

The League of California Cities has a good piece on ....Challenges facing cities

Berkeley's overall economic health impacts the City's budget. Economic Dashboard March 2019

Why? are taxes high?

How does Berkeley compare - Comparative Indicators? Open Cities

Pensions comparison

Historical Analyses

Citizens Budget Review Commission (1985)

From December 19, 2017 Council Item 23 (consent calendar)

In 1985, a Citizens Budget Review Commission was established. Consistent with the Fair Representation Ordinance, each Councilmember appointed a commissioner for a total of nine commissioners. The duties of the Commission were as follows: 1. Address itself to the formulation of the budget process. 2. Insure greater understanding and input by citizens in the budgetary process. 3. Investigate new sources of revenue for the City of Berkeley. 4. Participate in the development of a process to evaluate City departments, community service agencies and programs for cost effectiveness and duplication of services. In 2005, the Citizens Budget Review Commission was dissolved under the argument that it was redundant due to shared responsibilities with the Council.

Budget Watch Flyer (2004)

Budget Watch Flyer 2004

Budget Watch White Paper (2005-2006)

Budget Watch

$BudgetWatch$ is a neighborhood-based organization which was formed out of concerns about the City’s current fiscal crisis. $BudgetWatch$ is not-affiliated with any of the many other citizen budget groups that have come together over these same concerns. This White Paper was prepared to present solutions that would help our community achieve financial recovery. We have done substantial work because of our firm belief that the budget is the foundation on which the health of all of Berkeley’s neighborhoods rests.

Berkeley Based Budgeting: Report from Goldman School of Public Policy Students (2014)

Following the 2014 audit of the city's poor cash handling procedures, the Auditor’s Office released this report, by students at Cal’s Goldman School of Public Policy, on alternative budgeting practices that Berkeley might consider in place of its modified “across the board” approach to General Fund budgeting. Berkeley Based Budgeting: Recommendations for Implementing Priority-Based Budgeting in the City of Berkeley.

Current Activities

Council Adopted Budget 2020/2021

On June 25th the Council adopted the 2020/2021 Budget Item 39

The mayor added a number of recommendations.

The Chair of the Budget and Finance Committee created this comparison

Were the mayor's recommendations ($Millions) ever discussed???

Council Budget and Finance Committee Meetings

In November 2018 Council adopted a new process that created policy committees. The Budget and Finance Committee is scheduled to meet twice monthly.

BERKELEY CITY COUNCIL BUDGET & FINANCE COMMITTEE First Meeting March 28th 2019 Meeting Notes

FY 2019 Annual Adopt first reading of an Ordinance amending the FY 2019 Annual Appropriations Ordinance No. 7,634–N.S. for fiscal year 2019 based upon other adjustments in the amount of $22,245,702 (gross) and $19,746,430 (net).

Related Efforts

Strategic Plans

Berkeley's budget and finances are ultimately aimed at providing the resources to accomplish the city's strategic plan.

2018-2019 Strategic Plan

2018-2019 Strategic Plan Slides

Digital Strategic Plan

Auditor Reports

Berkeley's new Auditor, Jenny Wong, is getting off to a good start by highlighting the backlog of audit recommendations. Her full audit plan should be available in June 2019.

Audit Recommendation Summary February 2019

Open Audit Recommendations March 2019

Finance Reports

This is a great place to start for a complete overview of Berkeley's financial resources and positions.

2018 Consolidated Annual Financial Report

The SEC requires a report on municipal bond activity SEC 15c.12

How to study bond issuance costs from Hass

Government Finance Officers Association

Bond Issuing Guidelines

Bond Issuance Costs

Investment Policy

Berkeley has a large investment fund. Berkeley 2018 Investment Policy

Learn more about how the Investments are managed.

Data Resources

Enterprise System Catalog

ERP Contractor

Berkeley Open Data Portal

City Manager Dashboards??????

Recent Bonds O and P

Measure O Oversight Committee

City web page

1st Meeting April 29, 2019

Homeless Services Panel of Experts

Measure P Home Page

Community Services Consolidated Annual Performance and Evaluation Report


Documents and Agendas

Budget Process

2019 Special Council Meeting on Budget and Unfunded Liabilities

Meeting Agenda

2019 Adopted Budget

Adopted City Budget

2019 Unfunded Liabilities

Unfunded Liabilities Report March 2019

Reference data for Unfunded Liabilities related to pensions CALPERS

2019 Mid-year Budget Report

Budget Update March 2019

Details of the amendments to the adopted 2019 budget (fund-specific updates)

Budget Amendment - Details from Nov 27th 2018

May 7th Budget Book Presentation and

Outside Resources

League of California Cities City Officials Support

2018 Annual Meeting Materials



Labor Relations Terms