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Berkeleypedia exists to establish an accessible and fact-based resource about the City of Berkeley, California.


Berkeley is a city that loves controversy and that punches above its weight in policy innovation. Council meetings routinely last 5 hours or more, in the middle of the work week, and there are important policy meetings and public hearings during the workday as well. Public commissions generate even more output that impacts the life and direction of our community.

City staff spend hundreds of hours developing reports, often at the direction of council, and manage a budget of more than $400 million.

With all of this activity, it can be challenging for increasingly busy residents and especially voters to evaluate these policies in an objective manner. Berkeleypedia exists to fill this gap.

As Daniel Patrick Moynahan reportedly said: "Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but they are not entitled to their own facts."

Relationship to other media

Berkeley is fortunate to have Berkeleyside one of the premier (arguably the premier) internet-only news operations. As the words "news" and "journalism" (jour - French for "day") make clear, Berkeleyside's focus is on the events of the here and now. It is not set up to summarize important issues over longer periods of time, nor is it staffed with people versed in data analytics.

Nonetheless, we certainly welcome members of the community to contribute opinion essays to Berkeleyside and, in so doing, to consult and attribute the information published here.

Publishing Standards

In contrast to other public sites, such as Wikipedia, not everyone can edit content on Berkeleypedia. Our content draws on publicly available resources and is reviewed by multiple contributors who are all residents of Berkeley and who include homeowners and renters.