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California Municipal Finance Chapter 1

The Road Ahead for California Local Finance

"Local revenues are now more stable and protected than ever before. Substantial constitutional limits have been placed on the Legislature’s ability to take or shift local revenues. The state’s fiscal condition has improved thanks to major program reductions in many areas, an infusion of temporary taxes that will pay off a mountain of accumulated budgetary debt, and a gradually improving economy. But major risks and uncertainties persist. While Proposition 30 has seemingly provided a reprieve for as many as seven years, the state continues to struggle with the funding of corrections, health care, education, public employee benefits and major infrastructure. Substantial unbudgeted liabilities loom in teacher and state employee retirement systems. The state’s long term budgetary balance remains cloudy. The finances of local agencies face similar challenges. Many local agencies are grappling with major unbudgeted liabilities in the areas of post employment benefits (especially healthcare) — pension plan cost increases due to lower investment earnings, greater longevity and unsustainable benefit levels previously granted especially in the areas of police and fire. Local public works systems face major improvement needs in many areas. Threats to the ability of communities to finance local services through locally levied taxes and other sources of revenue are likely to continue. Local governments will continue to grapple with evolving local public service needs and a local revenue portfolio that fluctuates with economic and socio/technical changes. Rather than make necessary effective reforms, the Legislature usually chooses expedient, ineffective “band-aid” remedies to serious local finance issues. While local revenues are returning on the heals of a slowly recovering economy, public employee pensions and retiree health care costs are outpacing this revenue growth. The specter of more municipal insolvencies or bankruptcies persists. Municipal fiscal sustainability is a critical issue. As always, skilled finance and management is essential to move forward through this. This handbook is designed to help you find your way."