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A native of Albany, New York and a graduate of Mills College in Oakland, Councilmember Cheryl Davila represents District 2 in Berkeley. She is a self-employed "full charge bookkeeper." Her personal website ( is offline.

Prior to her election in 2016, Councilmember Davila served as Commissioner on Berkeley's Human Welfare & Community Action Commission from 2009. In her campaign disclosure, she also reported being PTA Treasurer in Berkeley public schools throughout her children's education.

Public Life

2016 Council Campaign Platform

Campaign Disclosure

Our community, like so many others, needs diverse, ethical folks with integrity and honesty to step up and become public servants. I have been active in District 2 for thirty-five years, first as a PTA treasurer while my children attended Berkeley public schools, then as a city commissioner and organizer. I have seen how dysfunction at City Hall has meant that the voices of my neighbors have been absent from city decision making. As your Councilwoman, I will hold neighborhood assemblies where we can strategize and problem-solve together. I have experience working within Berkeley’s city government to make change, serving as commissioner on the Human Welfare and Community Action Commission since 2009. I’ll work tirelessly for affordable and low income housing. I believe in neighborhood-friendly demilitarized policing, and I will work to fully fund the mobile mental health crisis team. I will require developers to work with neighbors to ensure that new construction provides benefit to the neighborhood and supports the larger vision of beautification without gentrification. Together, we will continue to find innovative ways to protect our environment. I will be responsive, accountable and principled. My door will always be open.

Source: campaign disclosure

Green Party Questionnaire

File:Cheryl Davila Green Party Questionnaire 2016.pdf

Stated Priorities

On her city-hosted web site, Councilmember Davila listed the following priorities as of July, 2019

  • Increase affordable housing opportunities for ALL
  • Create UNITY through commUNITY
  • Encourage positive youth involvement throughout the community
  • Transform police culture to ensure fairness, mutual respect and community connectedness
  • Advance a climate mobilization toward a Green Economy and Just Transition
  • Increase economic development and sustainability for ALL
  • Ensure dignity and compassion for all when dealing with homelessness and mental health crisis

Source: Cheryl's goals


Divestment from Israel

In 2015, as a Human Welfare and Community Action commissioner in 2015, Davila introduced an item proposing that the city divest from companies affiliated with the State of Israel, citing the "occupation of Palestinian terrorizes." The proposal led to her dismissal as a commissioner, and the item ultimately failed. Davila said the proposal was her way of “looking out for humanity” in Gaza. Source: Daily Cal.

Her dismissal spurred international attention and motivated Davila to run for the council seat for District 2.

Police Reform

Davila appointed Andrea Pritchett, founder of Berkeley Copwatch, to a position on the Police Review Commission. Pritchett joined an effort to vastly expand the powers of the commission. The effort ultimately failed and the commissioners who supported it were removed, with the exception of Pritchett, who resigned later for other reasons.

RV Parking in Residential Neighborhoods

Reached by constituents about the 2019 controversy over allowing RVs to park in residential areas in Berkeley, Councilmember Davila offered this response:

Thank you for your email. Thank you for sharing thoughts on this important topic.

Did you know that many of the RV Dwellers are long time Berkeley residents? Did you know that many RV Dwellers work or go to school BUSD/ UCB in Berkeley? Many cannot afford the extremely high rents, yet Berkeley is there [sic] home. Did you know that many folks are one paycheck away from homelessness? Unfortunately, including a Councilmember or two. If you don't have at least six months of your months salary in your bank account, any catastrophic situation could lead to the same outcome.

Did you know that there are 250 Berkeley Unified School District (BUSD) families that are un-housed, some living in their vehicles? Did you know that all homeless are not drug addicts, all don't have serious mental illness or mental illness at all? Did you know that all homeless aren't avoiding rent just to live in a vehicle? The vehicle provides the shelter. Unfortunately, market rate rents, many can not begin to afford. Therefore, some choose an RV to provide shelter.

Yes, a regional solution is what is needed, you are correct. Our office has been convening a regional task force to address this very issue for over a year now.

All are welcome in Berkeley, we are a sanctuary city. We must have compassion, empathy and hold love in our hearts to come up with solutions that will benefit everyone.

Thank you for looking out for our commUNITY.



She did not offer any support for the quantifiable claims -- e.g. "many [...] are long time Berkeley residents" in her note.